Tuesday, September 27, 2011

New Things To Flow With

Affirmation 2:
Today's affirmation talked about going with the flow, and always being ready to accept what life throws at you. I got in the car this morning, at an unreasonably early hour, wondering why on earth I set my appointments for physical therapy, so damned early. I mean, I BARELY had time to gulp down a cup of coffee this morning. Let alone, enjoy it.
I kept repeating the affirmation silently, over and over again, as I went to my appointment. I go with the flow of things. Sure, I can accept that. As long as the flow of things isn't taking place at 7 FRIGGIN 30 in the morning.
I got to my appointment, with just minutes to spare. And, I knew. I just knew.
The affirmation starts here.
For the past 8 visits or so, my therapy appointments have been the same old, same old. No new things to learn.
That changed today. THREE new things were thrown at me. Each of them wonderful, in their own little ways. And, guess what. I just went with them. I went with the flow, just as that little affirmation told me to.
Then, I came home, and I napped. (But, that is another story, altogether).


  1. Hey! How nice that you decided to start your new blog here! This new project seems like something that's going to be good for you.

    Going with the flow is a good attitude. I'm trying to get there myself but it's hard and I tend to worry and freak out about things before anything is even certain yet.


  2. I just found you again, Michael. How is everything?